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2003-04-08 // The Cleaning Frenzied Avidproxy Has Landed

Life Update:

We're here!

5X and I ended up moving in 2 days, I've been cleaning for the last 9 days, and I still don't have any den or living room furniture. :(

All in good time...

Behn-Ji has some new humans that adore him! They give him steak (dog eats better than *I* do!) and take him for car rides all the time. Dog and humans are doing fine.

Rogue's human is still thrilled with her, too. She gets to sleep with the human, wears a red bandana, and has bologna and cheese every night as a bedtime snack.

Maya isn't used to the normal sounds of the house yet so she's barking at everything. She's friendly, though. Well, friendly with everyone except...

My Mother.

Mom and Dog will not make peace. My mom is afraid of her, and the dog senses this. So, the dog's sense-o'-humor kicks into overdrive and she growls and 'smiles' when my mother is around. They're just going to have to learn to work and play well together.

The "Bookend Cats" Sophie and Noah have taken over the sunroom and are quite cozy.

5X has his cable TV hooked up and I'm back online as of this morning (YYYYEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!) so we're in pretty good spirits right now. I still have a lot of cleaning and unpacking to do, but I think it'll start looking like a home as soon as we can get some furniture.

Well, back to cleaning... or maybe eBay... *smile*

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